Monday, August 30, 2010

Day Care...

It was with mixed feelings that I took Wil to his first "official" day of DayCare today. Part of me was happy to get back to work. Start a new school year. See my work friends. The teacher in me also knows how important quality day care can be for a kid, you know, all that socialization and stimulation. Not to mention the importance of 'forcing' my child to be comfortable with people other than myself and his Daddy. However, the thought of leaving MY child with strangers for an entire day, check that, an entire school year was painfully difficult.

So, this morning I woke up at 4:45 (just to get myself ready) and woke my little bean up at 5:20! Neither of us are morning people, so this was difficult. We left the house by 5:45, on our way to LaPetite Academy in Verona.
(Yes. I took a picture of the front door for keepsake. My organization and extreme punctuality made us early. We arrived 10 minutes before the place even opened... what else was I suppose to do? Notice the sun just beginning to rise.)

Of course, drop off was fine. Wil loves everyone! I did surprisingly well too! It wasn't until mid-way through my morning that I became a little sad. Just then I happened to open my email to find this from the school's director:
The subject on the email read "I am having a great day Mommy!"
Plus 1, check that, plus 1,000,000 points to LaPetite! Can she read my mind?

By the end of the day I realized we had made it. I went to pick up my baby and was met with a smiling boy! I found out that he had story time today, music and movement (whatever that means for a 5 month old) and loved playing at the floor gym. I also found out when he ate, slept and went potty (believe it or not) thanks to my "Infant Daily Record", which I will be presented with each day.

After a loooong drive home, some peas for dinner and a cozy bath...
 my baby was TIRED! He even fell asleep without finishing his bottle!

Now, it is 7:30pm and I'm off to bed! I'm exhausted and need to do it all over again tomorrow. I don't even have any first graders yet - I can only imagine what I'll be feeling like after a full day of keeping up with them!


  1. Hats off to La Petite Acadamy for helping to make first time Mommies feel a little better during the long day away from their precious little ones! I thought about all 3 of you many times today. So glad to hear you are all home relaxing after a very big milestone. Love and hugs to the three of you!

  2. I was thinking of Wil today wondering how he was going to do and if Mommy and Daddy were going to be OK with the first day at Day Care. It sure sounds like they are taking good care of our little guy. I'm sure the three of you will do just fine. Love you!