Monday, January 4, 2010

28 weeks: Trimester 3 Folks!

So, here it is... the 28 week picture. I thought this shot was particularly interesting because I am wearing the same outfit as I did in my 18 week picture. You can look back to my October posts to view the first and see how things have changed in the last 10 weeks. It is rather surprising to Adam and I! Many of you have commented on how 'small' I look, perhaps comparing pictures will change your mind! :)

28 weeks means more doctor appointments too - every two weeks to be exact! First things first, my glucose screening came back fine (thank God!) so I WILL NOT be limiting my daily sugar consumption, but I am looking forward to seeing Dr. Scladzien again on Friday. Perhaps now that Wil's getting bigger, she'll be able to shed some light on his position in my belly. I can never figure out what I'm feeling. I often say to Adam, "feel here... Do you think it's his butt?" or "I think this is an elbow 'cause it's hard and pointy!" He's been rather small over the last few months so it's been hard to determine just what is what... maybe now she can tell me what to look and feel for... fun stuff!

Just one more tidbit - I like to call this picture "A View from the Top!". Here's what I see everyday when trying to determine if my socks match, how swollen my feet are, or if I need to shave my legs. That's right - I see nothing. I'm all belly unless I bend over of course, which is getting mighty tricky these days! HaHaHa

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