Sunday, September 27, 2009

Honeymoon pictures!

Adam and I traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in mid June for our honeymoon. We stayed in a fabulous, all-inclusive hotel right on the Pacific Ocean. We had an amazing time! We loved eating, drinking (a bit too much on day one), taking excursions, and swimming in the ocean. Take a look at some of our pics along the way!

Here's a picture of the view from our room! We stayed on the seventh floor in an awesome suite where we could watch all the action below and listen to the waves roll in. To the left is the 'adults only' pool complete with swim-up bar... if you know Adam and I, you can imagine how often we visited this spot. Did you know that all-inclusive means FREE? OK, not really free, but already paid for via your credit card months before free! It was great!

This picture is a view from the walkway that lead from the hotel, straight to the ocean. On both sides of this walkway were restaurants and a stage where you could watch some exciting shows... it was more like going to a high school show choir competition. As you can imagine, I thought it was super fun - we saw Grease LIVE on stage. Adam thought it was ridiculously painful!

In additon to our eating, drinking at the swim-up bar, and swimming in the Pacific. Adam and I decided we'd only be on our Honeymoon once, so we'd better take advantage of it... thus came the three excursions we decided to take. The first (being the good wife that I am) involved 4-wheeling throughout the countryside of Puerto Vallarta. Although this isn't necessarily "my cup of tea" (I'd much rather be laying in the sun) it was quite amazing to say the least... but first, can I preface the following pictures with this. We were totally pumped to try new things and planned this trip on DAY 2... I mentioned previously that everything at our hotel was free (not technically, but it felt like it at the time). Let me just say that I competely over-indulged at said swim- up bar the ENTIRE DAY before this trip. That's right folks, I am completely hung-over, but yet again, being the good wife that I am, I decided to pull through and let Adam experience 4-wheeling Mexico style!

We started by traveling caravan style throughout the countryside. We had a 'guide', who drove like a maniac by the way, and a guy who followed with a camera. We traveled through small villages and way up into the mountains. It was a great way to see the real Mexico.

Now those of you who know me will agree that I am lacking the 'athletic gene'... some of the gals were brave enough to drive. I, however, decided that I would be better holding on in the back. So, Adam was in charge of the actual 4-wheeling while on held on for my life! Thank god Adam didn't try to 'pop a wheelie', which he is know for!

Our travels eventually took us up into the mountains to this tequila distilery (however you spell that). We were 'encouraged' to try a variety of tequilas, which we could purchase. Think of it this way, you hear of people going to a wine tasting, well, this was a tequila tasting party. Did I mention I was hung over?!?!?

Our final excursions were boat trips out to sea, which were pretty amazing! My idea of 'experiencing' Mexico involved snorkeling and ocean fun. We went via boat to a far-off island in the middle of the Pacific where we were basically pushed off into choppy water to snorkel the reefs and explore giant caves. Not necessarily my idea of fun... when you were done snorkeling, you would drag your big 'ol body back aboard the boat to eat, listen to music and what else, drink. It wasn't incredibly relaxing, but the scenery was great!

My favorite day, by far, in Mexico was when we took a boat to a private island! We were let off at 11:00 (after an hour long boat ride) and given the entire afternoon to explore the island, snorkel, sea kayak, and lay in the sun. It was our first day of full sun all week too! In addition to our island freedom and sun-loving relaxation time, we were fed the most delicious food here too! Adam enjoyed searching for crabs with two little girls while I laid on an inner-tube and got completely fried! Aahh, the beauty of being close to the equator! This day somes up our trip in general!

I secretly love this picture... even though Adam is smoking in it. It was really fun to share this trip together. We had an amazing time!

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  1. Hey Stef I bet that was my little grand baby. YOu are already seeing that a mom finds out very early the many ways your child can get your attention. This is only the beginning. Enjoy!!!!!!My love to the 3 of you. MOM