Thursday, March 20, 2014


Today you are four. And I am a wreck. I don't know why... I've been dreaming of this day for 4 entire years! I couldn't wait for you to be four ~ it's one of my most favorite ages... and then 5 and then 6 and then 7 and then, well, I'm not so sure after that because it's kind of beyond my education major.

Before I go on, let me reminisce a bit... I know, I know. You didn't enjoy doing this when I woke you up this morning either, but I'm THE MOM!! I need to do this...

Where did the time go?

I can hardly remember this baby.
It makes me so sad...

And you just keep getting older, and older, and older. 
Right before my eyes, but not really. 

You turned 2...

And then, 3... 
You got a motorized vehicle for your birthday for crying out loud!!

And now, you are 4... Officially, at 3:07 this morning.
I left 4 balloons waiting for you when you got up this morning. 
I also got to volunteer in your classroom today at preschool.
Your teachers made you a birthday crown and sung "Happy Birthday" to you!
We're having a little party for you tonight. Just me, you, Daddy and Jayce.
You've requested Pizza Ranch for supper, but not until AFTER you play outside this afternoon. It's the first day of "ping" after all!

So... Back to the beginning...
Four is huge! (I know, not really). But, it's been the hardest age for me yet. Maybe it's because you'll be starting school in the Fall. Like real, public school that we don't have to pay for (sort of). You'll be going Monday-Thursday mornings. You may even ride the bus! We did your 4K screening at the Early Learning Fair a few weeks back and you were amazing! Like, totally cool. Like a real 4 year old, amazing! Like, we may just be past those "threes" that NO ONE prepared me for, until after the fact. Three. Tricky.

You listened really well. You did all of the "screenings" they had prepared for you. 
(Here you are getting your vision tested). 

You met knew friends and hung out with some ol' trusties. 
And you toured your future classroom!
 I actually left there thinking, "Wow! He did so good. He didn't freak out at all." 
And trust me, their were plenty of kiddos who were nervous!
Not you. Nope. You were a big boy!

In other news about you and your fourth year. You still love monster trucks. Anything and everything monster trucks. You went to TWO shows this winter.

You love playing outside (with friends).

You've really been diggin' our new computer. It's amazing how fast you've learned how to navigate your way around PBS Kids and Disney Junior! You've really given up the ol' I-Pad, too. That's really only used to search for Monster Truck races on YouTube. 
You love pancakes and spaghetti and reading books (The Mo Willems Pigeon Books are your current obsession). You love singing (especially songs that Mrs. Klade teaches you). You LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the movie Frozen and would prefer Tinker Bell undies over your boring ol' Toy Story any day... but, Daddy won't let you. You love riding your scooter, taking walks and you've been dying to go "tad-poling" with your best buddy Levi, but we have to wait for summer. You're also silly. Secretly, silly. You've got a great sense of humor and your laugh is so contagious! You're getting taller and skinnier and you think you know everything. You also lie. You make up elaborate stories that I swear you'll take to the grave. Even when YOU know, I know you're lying, you won't give. This is cute... for now.

You also love your brother. Really. Most of the time, really.
I know I've said it before, but in the beginning, I doubted if you and he would have a bond. Would he be the brother you always wanted? The brother you deserved? Would he be able to talk to you and play with you and learn from you? Shortly after he was born, you taught me that none of this really mattered. That you loved him just the way he was. He was your brother. It took me a little longer to see it, but now I do. He absolutely adores you. I tell you everyday. You are his most favorite person, in the whole wide world. And you believe me.
Yesterday, you were getting out of the car to go to school, you scooted over to his carseat, grabbed his face, smooched him hard and said, "be a good boy, Nayce. See you after school. I love you!" He then responded, "buh-bye" with a huge smile and wave. These are the moments that I LIVE for...

You are one amazing kid, Wilbur Anthony Geurts. I am so lucky to be your Mama! I love you!!!!


  1. Yes Wil, you are 4! And yes you are an amazing little boy. This Grandma loves you more than you will ever know and understand. You make me smile just by looking at you. You are smart, and happy, and just have the cutest personality. A sure mixture of your Mommy and Daddy. Mommy's smile and Daddy's gestures. Mommy's round face and Daddy's lanky legs! I am so proud of the little man you are. You are a great and loving big brother (most of the time), an active little guy and fun friend and cousin. You are a good helper and take such good care of your toys. All of these things and many others make Grama and Grampa Fishing so proud of you. There is only one thing that Grama doesn't are growing way too fast. I hope you always want to come and stay over night with me (you always say..."in 7 days"). I hope you always want to cuddle in my big bed to watch a good movie (i know that really won't last)., and it makes me smile right now thinking about how sometimes you look at me like you just love me so much! You are my special boy. My first grandchild. Some day you will understand my love for you Wilby, but for right now just enjoy being a healthy little 4 year old boy. You are the greatest!!! I love you so much. Grama

  2. Happy Birthday Wil!!
    Wow your 4!!! You are such a little man now. You are so helpful and caring of your little brother. We
    are so proud of you. We enjoy coming to visit or babysit. I love playing "Monster Pucks" with you and all the other games you think of. You are one busy boy. We love you so much and look forward to all of the "fun" days to come. Gramma and Papa 4 Wheeder