Thursday, March 6, 2014

Christmas... And Other Winter Happenings!

Christmas... A Few Pictures!

There were presents, of course! 

And cousin love!!

Not to mention... A First Christmas for 2 VERY SPECIAL baby girls!! My babies!!

IN OTHER NEWS... In case you've been living under ground...

This winter has been rough. You see, there's this thing called, "THE POLAR VORTEX" and it has hit us three times since January. Long story short... It's been awful! Generally, our weather pattern since Christmas has been: a good week or so of freezing cold weather, seriously, like 30-50 below zero, followed by warmer temperatures (20 degrees, tops) and snow. Not 20 inches of snow. Nope. Like 2 inches and then 3 days later, another 2 inches and then 3 days later, another 2 inches. Aaaaannnnd, repeat! Freezing cold. Snow. Freezing cold. Snow.

Not good. BAD! It's bad for everyone. But, mostly for Moms who stay at home. Or daycare providers or teachers. Basically for anyone who spends more than 4 hours a day with children. Oh yeah, it's been bad for kids too. My children are crazy! They're so bored and sick of being stuck inside! We've been eating McDonald's at least every other week (just to "play" at the PlayLand), visiting the Mall all the time, and spending loads of money at places like Bouncy Town and MadTown Twisters. 

One other little tidbit about THIS winter I should mention... Did you know that freezing temperatures and insane/abnormal weather can cause gas pipes to leak or burst or something? It's true. Which is also bad. REALLY BAD! Because while my boys and I have been stuck inside banging our faces against furniture (literally if your name is Jayce, but that's a whole other story) the Daddy in this family has been working. Constantly. Like some days for 24 hours straight! Poor guy! 

Needless to say, we're ready for Spring, which is no where in sight. But, I keep reminding myself that (like everything in life) this too shall pass.

So, we've been busy. 

And hanging out with friends (in our pajamas at 10am... why not?!?).

And taking baths... A LOT, because WHAT ELSE DO WE HAVE TO DO FROM 4-7pm???

And playing monster trucks. Bored.

And eating...
And baking...

And playing the I~Pad. Still bored.

And waiting for "PING!!!"

And, when we could, we went outside.
To the Zoo.

Or to 4 Wheeler Ice Races on Lake Wisconsin.

But, it was cold. REALLY COLD!

And that is all.


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  2. Wil and Jayce might not realize it yet but Mommy works really hard at finding cool things to do. And their Daddy works really hard at this job and I'm sure he looks forward to warm sunny days outside after the sub zero winter we've had. Grama and Grampa Fishing sure had a great time when you came and stayed with us for a few days. How about we do that again? Either you come and see us or Grama might have to retire like Grampa and come and stay with YOU for a few days. Love and hugs to the 4 of you! Stef and Adam, you are so blessed to have these adorable little boys!