Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!

It's been a busy spring full of lots of fun...
Here's what we've been up to...
Park Play Dates!

 Playing in his NEW sprinkler!
Yep! It's already been that warm, well... from time to time.

The sandbox.
Also known as... The Babysitter.
I LOVE this place as much as my children do.

Wil could play here by himself for hours.
He absolutely loves it!
Little brother likes to join him too.

And... our first sunburn on record... I could shoot myself!!!
I have really, really WHITE boys. So, they're generally lubed up with sunscreen from head to toe... literally. Apparently this day, I forgot. Oops!
I'm happy to say that this spring has been one that's included quite a few bike rides too. Last summer, Wil and I didn't get out as much as we would've liked because Jayce was just too small. That's changed, however. These two little beefcakes get mighty heavy when riding up a hill, but we love it just the same.
Safety first. Jayce HATES his helmet.
I will need to research "cochlear implants and bike helmets" in the near future.
It doesn't stay on while he wears his helmet... not like he's a huge fan of keeping it on anyways.
He WILL need to be able to hear while riding his bike when he gets big though... Research I will!

Spring has also resulted in many, many naps because we've been so busy outside.
Wil is always exhausted and has recently been refusing to nap.
Perhaps it's a three-year-old thing, but the moment he slows his body down.
It results in this:
and this:
Are you noticing a pattern?
This picture was taken after an entire day at the race track with his father.
Wil got third place!! Do you see his medal?!?
Don't worry, Jayce has been right there with him...
I've heard stories about little ones falling asleep at the high chair, but it had never happened in our house before this!
Sleepy boy!


  1. Those 2 little boys are just sooooo fun! They both play so hard and don't want to give it up until they are so tired they can't hold their heads up any longer. They are so adorable and make me smile every time I see a picture of them. God has blessed us with two little cutie pies! Love them so much.

  2. Hooray for a blog post! When do I get to meet these little peanuts?

  3. Stefani, try coconut oil for sunscreen...doesn't have all the nasty chemicals that are in most sunscreen products....Was so awesome to see you all at Kayla's wedding.