Thursday, January 3, 2013


It seems to have passed me by. Does that ever happen to you? I use to measure "time's passing" through my students. My first class right out of college was a group of 2 years old back in 2005 (I think) and now I barely recognize them in pictures. I try so hard to find that little face in their braces and long hair and cool clothes and they're just gone. Gone. How sad is that?!? I've become close friends with so many of their parents along the way and just cannot believe what a difference a year makes... let alone 10!

So... here I am. A mom, too. The funny thing is, I haven't really felt like time is flying by (it's been a rough year). Until I look at my two boys.
How did this happen? In less than one year? Notice the date...
 This next picture was taken exactly one year later...
And this?!? Come on, give me a break!
10 months, people. 10 months!

I think I've noticed it more with Wil because almost 3 seems like he may as well be off to college next week. I was looking back at photos and videos that I took shortly before Jayce was born and I just cannot believe how different he is. First of all, he talks (finally). He talks all day long. He sings and fights with me and uses swear words in context, like if he happens to fall down, "Oh man, I just fell on my ass" comes out as clear as day (we're working on that whole swearing thing ~ I die from shock and them from laughter and then from guilt:).

Wil is so much fun! He loves going to school ~ he talks about Peter and Ethan and Charlie and Victor the most. He loves his teachers and is excited to go every day! He's learning to count and sing his ABC's and draw lines and circles and most importantly ~ PLAY with friends! He's obsessed with trucks and racetracks and his father. Anything Adam does, Wil MUST do too. He loves playing outside and wrestling and watching "hootball" (football) and breaking things like huge block towers we so carefully build together. And he likes farting. He is SUCH a boy. Here are some of my favorite pictures of Wil from the past few months:

 Messy is fun!

He's my little fish. He LOVES the water!
Working on "gentle".
 One of his favorite things to do at Grandma and Grandpas...
 Ride the "trator" or "door weeder" (four wheeler).
 My techy (like Uncle Nino and Bumpa).
 Fall fun. He thought this was funny and called it the cow's butt. City kid.
His school's Holiday Program (singing Jingle Bells).
 Sorry if the following is offensive, but I said these were just some of my favorites and this is near the top of the list because it perfectly depicts my son's personality... we've been working on potty-training for what seems like an entire year. I did encourage peeing on a tree at one point. Whatever works, right. (It didn't).
And then there's my little peanut butter, Jayce. He too is changing so much! When I look back at pictures from "the beginning", I cannot even believe it is him. He was so fragile and small. So helpless... Now he's like this completely different person! He is so happy! He screeches and howls all day long, mostly when he wants to get your attention. He loves to eat and play with his toys along with a misplaced remote control or cellphone or dirty sock or diaper or Kleenex box or whatever else he can get his hands on. He is the most attentive baby I've ever witnessed. Always watching. Always thinking. And my most favorite thing about Jayce is his smile. It's automatic! He just needs to see your face and it's on! This has always intrigued me because he can't hear. He has no auditory stimulation at all, but he doesn't need it. He doesn't need to hear a silly, baby voice or a song or laughter. He just needs to see your face. It's pretty amazing.
Here is Jayce!

Ok. So I've been away from my blogging world for some time now and obviously needed some time to swoon over my own children. But, I just need one more minute because my most favorite thing about my boys is there love for each other. 10 months ago I wasn't sure what their relationship would be like. I didn't know if Jayce would be the brother that Wil had imagined, or the brother I hoped he'd have. It took only a few days for them to form a bond and they truly are best friends. Wil talks to Jayce all day long and usually ends each sentence with, "ya hear me Nayce?!?!" to which Jayce responds with an enormous grin (good enough for Wil). They fight like crazy too. Wil rolls Jayce from place to place and pushes him out of his way constantly. Jayce is starting to retaliate though.... let the biting begin!
I came across this video just today and had to share it. I somehow managed to capture this priceless scene in "the beginning" and now looking back, I realize that after everything we've been through. This is it. THIS is what matters.
Here's to a NEW Year! Happy 2013


  1. Simply Priceless!!
    We had a great visit with the boys at Gramma's.
    Love to you and your beautiful family!
    Auntie Tina and Uncle Steve

  2. Oh Boy Stef, what a year it has been. Full of fear, heart ache but more than anything else, amazing happenings. Your family is everything a young mommy hopes for. Two beautiful, healthy, rambunctious little boys and a Mommy and Daddy just trying to stay afloat amongst the 2 year olds tantrums and the many Dr. appointments. All 4 of you are amazing! It looks like 2013 will be filled with miracles and 2 little master pieces....Wil & Jayce! Our adorable boys. You never cease to amaze me honey. Love to the 4 of you.

  3. Priceless. you have the cutest little boys. ALways in my thoughts hun. your a trooper and so is jayce. wishing you the best.

  4. Oh we all know these boys are amazing! The love those two have for each other is like no other. When Wil hugs Jayce or when Jayce looks for Wil, there's always a big smile from both. They are just adorable. You and Adam do an awesome job with them. I know you will have a great 2013!! Love to all

  5. Love! That video is a perfect portrayal of your boys...and how great their mama is too :)