Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Geurts' TOP 10...

Here they are folks!! The top 10 clues that your 2-year-old is ready for potty-training:

10. He goes to the bathroom (in his diaper) in private. You know, like behind the furniture or behind the door. When asked what he's doing (while red-faced and grunting) a simple "nothing" is all you get, but you know darn well he's filling his pants.

9. He is officially wearing a size 6 diaper. Yep. All 34 pounds of him. That's as big as they come... "so, then what?" you're probably wondering... Hmmm, I have no idea.

8. He can climb onto the changing table all by himself. Enough said.

7. He calls his own poop disgusting.

6. He requests that you be "gentle" while you wipe his big butt.

5. He requests butt-cream. Regularly.

4.  He pees in the bath tub EVERY night. Directly following our regular, "let's try to go potty in the toilet routine".

3.  He digs his Thomas and Cars undies. Well, he only enjoys wearing them OVER his diaper. Like, as pants for bedtime. You can blame that brilliant idea on his father who "couldn't find any pajama bottoms in his dresser" one night and thought underwear would do. {P.S. The pile of pajamas was in a basket at the end of the bed. Don't look there, dear, or (sigh) put them away!}

2.  He enjoys tugging on, playing with, and 'flicking' his you-know-what while placed in front of the toilet... or anywhere, really.

AND, the number 1 clue that your child is ready for potty training...

1. His father and I can NEVER go to the bathroom alone. If you don't have children, you may find this strange. If you do have kids, you understand. He's all like, "poopy Mommy, or pee? Me see it!?!  I flush, peez?!?" Sorry if that was too much information...

However, the ONLY reason your child is NOT potty-trained: He totally and completely could care less entirely. Ugh!

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  1. This was incredibly funny and I can relate as a Mom and Grandmom! Hang in there, it will happen. It's a boy thing....they take a little longer on these things! But one day he will just decide he is done with the diapers and you can celebrate! Love ya, Crazy Aunt Sara