Friday, September 2, 2011


For the past two days, Wil has insisted that I open our front door so he can wait for the "truck" (school bus). Today he waited for 10 entire minutes. He loves to watch the kids, particularly Charlie & her little brother Levi.
"No, no, no." I tell him. "You're too little to go on the school bus." Is it wrong that I NEVER want to be standing on that street corner with my neighbors? I could throw up just thinking about it. I know, I know... someday he will be five. Until then, he's ALL MINE!


  1. Stefani-I am getting ready for Katelyn to go to preschool on Tuesday and have already cried three times. THREE times!
    I feel your pain.

  2. No! No. No. No. She CANNOT be old enough to go to preschool!!! She could be in the Purple Room! I can't believe it. Didn't it seem like those kids were a lot bigger than Katelyn when they were in your class. She's so old... I feel YOUR pain (and mine's only 1). Now I'm a pile thinking about your baby. Oh goodness... it's the hormones, I'm sure. Let me know how it goes!