Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Day at the Park!

We decided to take advantage of this 60 degree November weather with a trip to the park. A nice park was just built down the street from our house in August; we're pretty lucky to have one so close. Wil's finally big enough to try a few things out too!

He loved the swings! He'd giggle every time he went backwards.

He also enjoyed the sand, but we had to leave this spot a little early... Wil enjoyed putting it in his mouth too. He actually screamed at me when I picked him up. Apparently he didn't mind sand in the mouth, but the MOM DID!

Here he is at the bottom of the slide.

Gravel had fun too. He went straight for the puddle (as usual).

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  1. Love the look on Wil's face in the swing. You can tell he's loving it. Great day for the outdoors.