Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Assume the Position!

My friend Lana taught me how to finagle Wil into the crawling position. "It's all about motor development, really", she told me. "Just keep working on it and he'll figure out how to do it all by himself soon enough"! So, Adam and I spend some time each night making Wil do this:
No. Not the drooling part... he does that completely on his own. Yuck!

Generally speaking, he's not much of a fan of this position. He grunts a lot and rocks back and forth; he does not know what we want from him (can't you tell by the facial expression). But, one of these days he's going to take off for sure. WHY we WANT him to CRAWL... wer're not quite sure of. I guess it just means he's learning and growing and changing. I'm sure we'll be kicking ourselves soon enough. You know, when we have to child-proof EVERYTHING. Yeah, I'll check back in with you then.


  1. i always want my kids to take that next step, whatever it is...crawling, talking, walking. and inevitably sometime thereafter kick myself soundly and wonder aloud "why WHY did i want you to do this?!"

  2. If he's rocking back and forth it won't be long and he'll be taking off and there will be no stopping him. He will be on the go every waking minute. Then it's Wil proof the house time:)

  3. Wil is a quick learner. I am impressed that you practiced.

  4. We always LOVE our advice from your Mama, Lily! She's the greatest! Let's have another pizza party soon! :)