Thursday, November 13, 2014

Toddler Beds Rock! No. They don't.

So, here's a good "Mom" question. Do you have one child who really rocks at something and another child who really sucks at it? I do! Ok. That doesn't sound very nice. Let me explain...

It seems like everything that was "easy" about Wil is super hard with Jayce. For example, Wil was the EASIEST baby ever! Slept through the night (seriously, like 12 straight hours) by 3 months old, never cried unless he was hungry, woke up with a mouthful of teeth (ok, maybe not, but I never noticed the new ones coming in because he NEVER cried or fussed about them), traveled like a pro (we took him to Cedar Rapids, IA at 10 weeks old to visit his Great Grandpa - an almost 4 hour trip - and he was a peach), eats EVERYTHING IN SIGHT, and transitioned to the toddler bed TWIN bed with ease (he NEVER got out, just would call my name when he was ready to wake up).

All of those things.... Jayce completely sucks at! I'm sorry. But, it's true! He just sucks at them! He was the world's hardest baby - Had colic (serious, legit colic) until 6 months old, didn't sleep through the night until like 18 months old, was a horrible "teether", hated the car until he was faced forward shortly after his first birthday (even now there are times when he's a whiney, fussy, punk!). He doesn't eat. Hardly at all! He won't try ANYTHING new and basically only eats yogurt, cheese, crackers, some fruit and some meats. That's it. 

Annnnnnd, the transition to big boy bed has sucked. It has completely sucked! 

He thought it was a great idea. He loved the idea of it really, but he also loved the fact that he could get out of bed, which sucked. For me. 
The lady who NEEDS at least 8 consecutive hours of sleep each night or I cry. 
I do. I seriously cry. 
A lot.
He's pretending to be "sleeping" in this picture after I busted him.

We tried everything. We literally had to trap him in his room! We had to tape all of the door covers (you know, those covers that kids aren't supposed to be able to open - the plastic covers on the door knobs? Well, he can open them.) We had to remove all of his furniture. No more toys or rocking horse made by Poppa Fishing or comfy rocking chair to snuggle in because he would move everything and do this:
The funny thing is, I knew when he was up and around because he'd talk to himself the entire time. I'd stand outside his door and hear him say, "walking feet, Jayce! Up! Up! Up!" and I'd know he was climbing on that d*#n dresser again! So, I'd bust him and toss lovingly put him back to bed.

Sometimes he'd take all of his clothes off and put knew clothes on. Scattering the uninteresting choices around the room.

Then, he would decide he was done with his nap, so he'd knock on the door and say, "Knock. Knock. Knock. All done, Mom. Mom! Mooom! MOOOOOOOOOM!!!!"

Then, sometimes, after a couple of hours, he'd fall asleep.

This was every day. For 2 straight months. Nap time and bedtime.

So, then I did this.
Toddler bed, sort of. Really it's just a crib he can't jump out of! I might have to keep him here until he's 12.

In other news...

He does this:
He climbs everything. 
Wil NEVER did stuff like this.
I didn't know what "baby proofing" was until I had Jayce.


  1. Putting Katelyn in a toddler bed was the WORST! She would get up constantly. And when she finally fell asleep, we'd find her laying in front of her door trying to peer out under it to look at us and had finally passed out. It was simultaneously extremely sad and annoying.

  2. Abby and Ty's Raelyn is a climber/piece of work! One morning about 4am they found her in the backyard in just a diaper and t-shirt. She had let herself out the patio door, so they have had to put a brace on the door high enough that she can't get to it. Another morning she had gotten up and helped herself to a box of frozen waffles, was heading back to her room to have a snack! Another morning, when mom and dad didn't hear her, she got a box of 3 dilly bars out of the freezer. She and the chocolate lab, Buddy, had a field day in her room eating the dilly bars and depositing chocolate on her white background bedspread, sheets etc! The empty box, wrappers and sticks were still everywhere as well. So they have had to put a lock on the freezer and refrigerator. Also a lock on the door to the garage, because she will let herself out into the garage in just her jammies and pull-up! Not a good idea in the winter in Wisconsin! That one is going to give everyone gray hair!!