Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Double Birthday Bash!

My boys are 4 and 2... FOUR AND TWO!! I cannot believe this. Where did the time go? I look back at pictures of the months shortly after we brought Jayce home and I hardly recognize that 2 year old Wil staring back at me.

Anyways, we've already been down memory lane where I've bombarded everyone with sappy posts ~ back to birthdays!

Having 2 children only 23 months apart is difficult for a variety of reasons that I'm sure you can imagine. It's also trick come birthday time because Jayce's birthday is February 23 and then some 25 days later, we're celebrating again for Wil. I decided this year to have a joint party because, let's face it, I may not have many more years to pull that off.  AND because I really only wanted to clean my house and make food for one event!!

We kept the theme simple and full of color ~ red, yellow and blue. And, per usual, there were trucks. Lots of trucks; that is what Wil digs and so Jayce does too!


 There were presents galore, of course. And the best family 2 little boys could ever dream of.

They. Are. Spoiled.

And afterwards... We were tired!

Happy Birthday to my sweet boys.
I hope you both know just how much you are loved...

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