Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oh, Just a Few Pictures...


When I use uppercase letters like that, it's actually me screaming. Can you tell?
I'm a bad, Mommy blogger. BAD! There it was again.

I keep this blog as a baby book of sorts. A journal. Something to look back on in like 15 years and think, "Oh, we had so much fun." And "look how much they've grown." And... "oh, that was rough!" And, "where did the time GO, I say!"

So, the following are just a few (I say that while laughing out loud) pictures from our adventures...

Bike riding, of course!
Wil's first visit to the dentist.
He was a rock star!!

Four wheelin'... CONSTANTLY.
I kid you not, he actually blew up the motor.
with Daddy.
And just chillin' out.
There were other things too. Like BIG firsts at our house.
You know...
The first day of preschool!
Jayce's first haircut!
Jayce's first time climbing to the very top of the giant slide at Bouncy Town.
Totally AWESOME (and equally terrifying as the Mama).
There was also...
A trip to the Apple Orchard with good friends.

A trip to Peck's Farm Market with the cousins.

A very exciting fieldtrip for Wil to the pumpkin patch/farm.
He actually got to ride a real school bus!
I wasn't able to go on the trip, but I secretly parked a block away from the school just so I could see him get on the bus. It was the cutest thing ever. I was very happy to receive these pictures via email a few days later to show me just how much fun they had!

And we can't forget our Halloween festivities!
We went trick-or-treating with friends at our local high school.

But, only Wil and I went out on the big night.
It was freezing cold and raining!
Gotta love Wisconsin... you just never know.
"Only ring the doorbell once, Wil!"
Wil also had a Halloween Party at school.
So, he got to wear that FIFTY DOLLAR Buzz Lightyear costume 3 times this year!
And he will be Buzz Lightyear every year for as long as I can shove him in it!


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