Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One man's trash...

is another man's treasure!

Jayce has been experimenting with some of Wil's old toys.

The Jumperoo!
The picture's blurry and my son looks a bit intoxicated,
but it's because he LOVES bouncing up and down.
He's literally laughing out loud in this picture!

Clothes! We just opened BOX 2 of 8.
It's labeled Summer 2012 (0-6 months).
I was so excited to get rid of a box of clothes.
Then I realized, I needed to put Wil's Winter clothes away...
So, my BOX "Summer 2012 (0-6 months clothes)" was re-labeled ~
Winter 2013-2014 (18-24 months).
Someday I will have a MASSIVE rummage sale!

Jayce has also been spending some time in the Bumbo seat.
Remember that!?! Wil loved it!
Jayce, not so much.
He enjoys the toys I place in front of him for a few moments.
Then, the crying begins.
Today, he cried himself to sleep.
Then I felt guilty. But, it's pretty cute!

Wil's not quite sure if he's ready to give all of these things up, though.

When I put Jayce down for a nap (after he snuggled up in his Bumbo), Wil thought it was his turn to sit in it. I tried to explain he was too big. He was mighty frustrated when he couldn't get out!

Then we both laughed about it.

Jayce is even trying to steal Wil's best buds from the neighborhood!
Tyler and Bryce love to hang out with Jayce, but Wil's in luck...
they realize sooner or later that he's really not a whole barrel of fun for too long.


  1. Stefani I am seriously in LOVE with Wil's adorable white blonde hair!
    And can you stop by and organize my children's old clothes? I fold, refold, put in boxes and somehow it's still completely disorganized!

  2. What a great group of boys!!! Fun,fun,fun!!!

  3. Ah! I love Wil's cheesy smile while he's stuck in the bumbo! Makes him look SOO old!

  4. Wow, I am pretty sure I remember Wil with that same shirt and shorts on, and if I didn't know better, I would say it was Wil sitting there instead of Jayce. They are "Twins"! Love the stories...keep them coming!!!

  5. So cute! Love being able to see the boys I will show these to Grandpa
    Tim and Donna