Monday, June 27, 2011

Daddy Love

Wil's a Daddy's boy... have you heard? Adam's been working A TON lately, which means the little man's been spending quite a lot of time with his Momma. We have loads of fun together (story time at the library, playdates with Lana, Molly & Ella, lunch with Pammie, swimming, park visits, and the list goes on), but when Daddy gets home - it's all over. Usually they play non-stop, but last night, Wil was too tuckered out. So, this happened instead:
Daddy was tired too.
P.S. Wil would NEVER do this with me.


  1. This picture is so sweet. He sure does love his DaDa. He loves his Momma too! You both are such wonderful parents. That's why he loves you so much. What a cutie pie that little guy is. Love to the three of you.

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