Sunday, February 27, 2011

Friends, right Gravel?

Wil loves his doggy. It's been almost 1 whole year and Gravel is still not so sure. Can you see why?
Gravel is perfect for playing ball with. Wil steals it from his mouth and throws it. Gravel doesn't get it... the kid can't throw very far!

Grav's also become a great helper for getting into the standing position. Wil falls down on top of him eventually. Still not much fun for Gravel.

Gravel's also prefect for cuddling & laying on top of.
Of all their fun games, Gravel prefers this one, although he's always a skeptic. Wil pops back up and pulls his hair after every 10 second snuggle session.


  1. nothing like the bond between a boy and his dog!!

  2. simultaneously adorable and hilarious!