Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hanging out at home...

So I may be a crazy person, but I just can't help taking random photos of my child. They're so cute and I have to share them with you! It's not much, but still...

Here's Wil chillin' outside. It was rather sunny and windy, so I turned his Bouncie Seat into a covered patio!

Here's another favorite. Wil and Adam watching The History Channel (a crowd favorite). As you can see, I HATE The History Channel... what to do when bored - take pictures of Wil, duh!!!

Here's what we do every morning - sit on the couch and chat! Wil's learning how to blow bubbles too!

The newest craze - the Bumbo seat! It gives Wil a whole new perspective of the world. He's amazed! It's also a great spot to watch Sponge Bob!

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